Bunion SurgerySometimes individuals have foot problems that may require intervention. One of these problems may involved bunions. Bunions are growths on the foot that may cause pain or rubbing of the foot on shoes, socks or even mobility issues if the bunion is large enough and interferes with movement. Bunion often cause pain or difficulty for the person. Bunions can usually be treated non surgically in a podiatrists office, but in extreme cases, bunions may need to be surgically removed. There are several types of bunion surgeries. Bunion surgery is usually accomplished as an outpatient surgery in a podiatrists office, and can be easily performed. Bunion surgery often involves shaving and is called an exostectomy as well, however most bunion surgeries are more complex, it is up to your austin podiatrist and yourself to determine the type of bunion surgery you may need.

What causes Bunions?

Bunions are typically caused by heredity and by poorly fitting foot gear. Bunions are considered to be present when the bony growth of the foot begins to push out toward the big toe. Bunions are usually a dislocation or subluxation of the big toe joint that bulges against the skin.

When to consider Bunion surgery

Individuals should consider bunion surgery when they have limited mobility, pain or difficulty in walking. They should also consider surgical treatment when non surgical methods of treating the bunion have failed. There are at least a dozen surgeries to correct bunions, and your podiatrist should be able to find exactly the right one for you. Talk with your podiatrist about finding the bunion surgery that fits your needs.

Not all bunions are created equally and some bunions may be small in size while others may be large. It all depends on the type and size of the bunion how the surgery is performed. Small bunions are not treated the same surgically as are large bunions. The size and placement of the bunion partially determines which removal methods will be used. In the case of many bunions, surgery usually involves some combination of soft tissue realigning as well as rebalancing of ligaments and tendons to re align the foot structure and make it something that works well for the individual. Bunion sufferers tend to have a great deal of mobility again after the surgery has healed. The most significant part of bunion surgery austin is realigning the bones, and this may consist of bone cuts and realigning the metatarsals. Check with your podiatrist for more information about bunion surger

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